Managed Adwords Pay-per-click

3dcart knows the time and effort it takes to set up, monitor and optimize Google Ad campaigns, so let us do the work for you!

Managed Adwords Pay-per-click Plan includes the following:

  • Setup of Adwords Account

  • Google Adwords setup for PLA.
  • Google Adwords conversion tracking setup.

  • Google Analytics setup for ecommerce tracking.

  • Google Merchant Center setup for product feeds.

  • Automatic Feed from 3dcart to Google Merchant Center

  • Expert Analysis to determine unique bids per product to maximize performance with profit considerations based on average profit margin provided.

  • Import of new products from Google Merchant Center and set initial bids

  • SKU Level bids adjustment based on our Suggestions

  • Bid increase on products with zero impressions over last 30 days

  • Monitor for zero impressions, clicks or conversions to determine if larger issues are at hand.

  • Cost is monthly 10% of Ad Spend (with a $250 minimum)and a 3 Month Retainer

  • Access to our SEO experts via our Ticket System.

Contact for Pricing

Call 1.800.828.6650 for a 3dcart Sales Representative

See what our clients have to say about our service.

"We were attempting to do our own SEO and found that it was taking up a lot of time, now 3dcart has a team of professionals working consistently on our SEO efforts so we don't need to do anything except keep our inventory stocked and our customers happy!"

Sam Segura -

"I'm proud to say that we've managed to build a profitable web-only business without spending money on pay-per-click advertising. The 3dCart team has been a big help with our SEO efforts, and it's paid off for us."

Scott Quarles -

"My eCommerce store runs on the 3dcart platform and they already played a huge part in helping me achieve my goals, I knew I could count on them to help with my search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. I only wish I had hired 3dCart for SEO much earlier than I did!"

Dean Bryson -

"We're not web designers, so it was important for us to look for an eCommerce software solution that was easy to use. 3DCart makes web design and maintenance easy. The fact that 3dcart offers SEO services has been instrumental in helping us grow our business."

Jason McKay -
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