Wordpress Reverse Proxy Configuration
Wordpress Reverse Proxy Configuration

Wordpress Reverse Proxy Configuration

by 3dcart
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Wordpress Reverse Proxy Configuration will allow you to use a Word Press Blog within your online store's TLD (Top Level Domain). If you would like to use Word Press instead of the blog that is built into 3dcart, 3dcart will configure an existing Word Press Blog, or you may create a new word press blog that can operate within your TLD within your own external hosting environment. For example, http://www.mystore.com can have a Word Press Blog residing at http://www.mystore.com/blog/ - which is generally a preferred configuration over the simpler configuration which is http://blog.mystore.com/.

• The standard URL configuration is http://www.mystore.com/blog/ although you may select any configuration you like as long as you notify 3dcart prior to the installation.

• Since this is a "Reverse Proxy", the 301 redirect features that exist within 3dcart will not work on pages within the Word Press Blog, as the blog will actually reside on a different server than your store. 

• Although 3dcart acts as a "proxy", all content does pass through our servers thus consuming bandwidth, therefore the blog will count towards your bandwidth numbers, but it is important to note that reverse proxy can only be used on a Cloud X1 plan or higher, therefore your plan will come with a minimum of 60GB of bandwidth. 3dcart also offers unlimited bandwidth plans. 

• The overall flexibility of Word Press makes it very easy to make changes to your Word Press installation, or move your blog in the future. After the reverse proxy is enabled, we will set your blog to use the URL of the reverse proxy. We also suggest installing the Yoast SEO Plugin which will automatically insert "rel=canonical" tags to avoid duplicate content. 

• There should not be any downtime when switching your blog over to the reverse proxy. 

• Once the proxy has been set up, testing will be completed to be sure that a category page can be properly accessed, blog posts are properly accessed and that all images and content are being properly delivered and routed by our servers. 

• If you are not completely satisfied with the implementation, the setup is available for credit on your account as long as cancellation occurs within the first 7 days of setup. 

• You can see the following examples of current reverse proxy websites below... 

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