Site Review and Conversion Consulting

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of examining user feedback and analytics to identify roadblocks to conversion (which is when a consumer performs an action you want them to—so conversion can mean anything from becoming a paying customer to something as simple as signing up for a newsletter) on your site and then remove them.

Our CRO, Website optimization, and testing service, usually involves an in-depth look at everything from the structure and content of landing pages and forms to the user experience during checkout. And while CRO crosses a lot of disciplines, the level of analysis you're accustomed to doing as an SEO will be a huge asset as you dig deeper into what is (and is not) working on your site.

Initial Setup (First Month)
Setup of Google Analytics Goals
Setup of Google Analytics Funnel
Selection of top landing page to optimize 
Determine Conversion Rate average.
Determine Bounce Rate average.
Review CRO best practices and provide suggestions for (1) Landing page selected

Monthly CRO Campaigns (starts on 2nd month)
Determine higher than average exit and bounce rates pages in Google Analytics Funnel
Set up of (1) Multivariant or A/B test experiment for page selected
Review Heatmaps & Click for page tested
Review experiment results for page tested
Monthly call to review results of the monthly experiment.
Selection of following month landing page, suggestions and test.

Add Usability testing ($399/mo)
User Survey implementation, collection and data analysis with 3dfeedback.

User Testing Experiment, providing access to actual people and giving them a task to complete on your website to determine usability issues.
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