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I use a payment gateway that currently supports tokens with 3dcart
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The Products Accessories Upsell Add-on will display any products assigned as “Upsell” or “Accessories” items to the products purchased after the order confirmation page. This will allow customers to add items to their order after the order has been completed. And, with the use of’s CIM capabilities, adjust the total of the order to automatically include the upsell items into the order. Please note, this plugin does not support discounts of any kind.

  • Any level of the 3dcart shopping cart service
  • Token Based Payment Gateway
    • Authorize.Net (Requires CIM Module)
    • 1st
    • ProPay
    • Go eMerchant
    • Paymentech Orbital Gateway
    • USA ePay
    • STRIPE
    • PAYPAL (Requires Reference Transactions)

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